Jordan offers singling lessons in person and online. This is what he has to say about finding your voice:

As a professional performer and student of Music, finding my voice has opened up a world of possibilities. It is a world that I love to share.


Part of the process is physical. By developing a healthy vocal technique the voice becomes stronger and more supple. Those tricky high and low notes begin to fly by, giving us time to focus on finding new ways of expressing ourselves, the music and the text. As vocal possibilities expand, we find new music to inspire us. We step back and notice our physicality, and that of others. We find ways of standing up and expressing our thoughts confidently through song. We learn to inhabit our own bodies and voices, and to resonate with other characters on stage.

Learning to sing may start with vocal technique, however, there is much more to it than notes and scales. ISinging helps you to become the person you want to be and to explore the world around you.

If you are interested in booking a lesson, or would like to find out more, do not hesitate to get in touch via the form on the contact page of this website or by email at hardingpointon617@gmail.com.


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30 Minute Lesson

(Perfect for younger students)