• Jordan Harding-Pointon

The Gathering Storm

This poem was sketched in the moment to represent the awe-inspiring movement of a heavy storm front into a previously peaceful scene.

The Gathering Storm

Foreboding air hums,

a fleeting breeze,

the sky rent in two,

with specked blue, receding,

the dimming sunlight’s warning hue,

staining, orange,

mottled clouds,

Illumines, with its dying spark,

the fiery smog of,

a grey burned shroud,

hoving in upon a scene,

with prickling chills.

The final flicker of sun-glow dies,

- the light shrinks out.

Silence descends,

with the thickened sky,

the atmosphere anticipates,

an expectant age,

deafening, silent,

teaming charge,



the first,




to scar the ground.

Words by Jordan Harding-Pointon

Music by Joseph Hearson.

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