• Jordan Harding-Pointon

Rondeau (Redouble) alla Mozart

A DAY OF MIRTH, - A cavalcade:

A page, a peasant a nobleman,

one moment ecstatic, the next dismayed,

drawn into intrigues, that will span,

a brace of arias and duets, an,

ensemble, with the players played,

in antiphonal waves that pitch and pan,

in a day of mirth, a cavalcade.

Every trick and trap is laid,

each player parries cunning plans,

each scintillating scheme, to aid,

a page, a peasant, a nobleman.

Just who is who? Thats half the fun,

through four-fold synopses, you must wade,

for the name of that ardent Turkish man,

who is one moment ecstatic, the next dismayed.

At Glyndebourne, exquisite fees are paid,

while others grace the gods, to fan,

bright flashing flames, their earnings trade,

to be drawn into intrigues that will span -


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